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Paul Urgero, Owner, Web and Graphic Designer

Paul Urgero, Owner, Web and Graphic Designer

I started in the advertising, printing and graphic design industry in 1975. Does anybody remember Cold-Type? Photo-Engraving? Paste-up and mechanicals?

I am a web designer with the experience to help you understand all you want to know about having a website. Most people are not familiar with how web sites are created, so the process can be a little intimidating. Fortunately, I take that into account and know when not to use too much tech talk. I want to make sure you have a clear understanding of what you’re getting.

I always tell my customers to create an outline of what you want for your site, such as what pages you think you will need. Obviously you will need a Home page, an About the Company page, and a Contact page (always have a Contact page, even if your contact information is on every page of the site). You will likely need a Services and/or Products page, or section of pages. You don’t have to have absolute answers to these questions in the beginning, but at least give them some thought so there is a clear scope of your web site project.

Find someone to help you write your web site’s content, preferably someone who knows and is familiar with your business and products. If you ask any web designer, they will tell you the #1 issue that delays completion of a web site is the client’s inability to properly write their content. A writer experienced in writing specifically for web sites will help you get your site online much quicker. It’s well worth it.

Let's be realistic. "If you build it, they will come". Nope. Contrary to what most designers and hosting companies will tell you, you can't just put a web site online and expect people to see it and come knocking down your door asking for your product or services. Your site will still need time to gain ranking positions in the search engines. This is where keeping the content fresh and constantly changing will help build traffic. Keep it fresh.

Once you have a web site, everyone will be contacting you to sell their services for Search Engine Optimization scams. Most companies are legitimate, but you need to be cautious. My favorite term to my customers is: Google It. If there is any negativity about a company, it is bound to be out there in some fashion or another. Do your research and hey, if you trust your web designer to build you a site, ask them! Could just save you a lot of money.

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